Warranty claim Check list

Use the above link button to know whether your product is covered under warranty or not before visiting physical location Check for the onsite warranty service options (most of the brands providing onsite warranty services free pickup and delivery

Most of the brands will provide Operating system recovery partition in laptop itself, For any software problems you can take a help of customer support or YouTube video's to rectify the issues yourself to save time

Authorized service centers will take minimum 3-30 days’ time to repair laptops depends upon brand and service locations

Take all your important data (documents, photos, videos,) before submitting your laptop for warranty repair. No data backup and recovery will be done by authorized service centers (Even if Hard drive carry warranty). If any Data must importance contact us for recovery solutions

water damage
Warranty service will NOT cover for bellow issues with laptop's
  • Broken screen or black spots on screens
  • Broken Hinges or Laptop base panel
  • water or liquid damage laptops
  • Physical damages like dents and scratches
  • Missing Keyboard keys replacement
  • Broken charger cables and DC jack pins
  • Power shorts or Burns
  • Any software related problems (except pre-loaded windows)